Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

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Why do your customers buy from you? Do you have an answer?

You need to know the answer to this question to get a good picture of your ideal customer. The answer will help you plan better for marketing, advertising, future product line expansion. Customer data will help you produce better results with respect to targeting and also remarketing to your customers.

If you have never thought of this question, you need to think about it right away.

Here are a a few good ways to find out why your customers buy from you.


Survey Your Customers

Is it right to ask your customers as to why they prefer you to your competitors? Yes, it is absolutely fine to ask them about their preference for your business. The engaged customer thrives for attention from a business that they like. In fact, customers love the fact that a business is interested to get some feedback. This creates an impression that their feedback is valued. A valued customer feels happy and they are more likely to become loyal followers of your brand.

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Thank You Notes or Gifts for Feedback

You may reward a customer as a thank you for their feedback.  It is certainly a good idea that would pay you back with customer loyalty and reinforce your relationship with customers. But the gift giving should not come first. It should always come once you have received their feedback; otherwise customers may be obligated to give positive feedback. Your focus should always be to get constructive feedback that could help you improve your business.

Once you ask the right questions and have the right information, it is easier to adjust your marketing strategy to engage potential customers.

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Boost Your eCommerce Sales

The key to boost your eCommerce sales lies in strengthening relationships with existing customers as they have a higher chance of becoming loyal customers. In fact, return customers are happy to spread the word about your business, since they have tried and tested your products/services.

Here are a few tips to reel customers in:

  • Stay in touch with timely newsletters with some exciting offers. Purposeful communication is the key here.
  • Shift focus on improving offerings. Step into the shoes of customers and find out the reasons that attract you to the business.
  • Reward them for their loyalty in the form of a birthday coupon, discount sales, a special offer, or anything special that could add a surprise element for them and tempt them to come back to you.
  • Give back to the community and showcase to the world your community building efforts. Raise awareness about an issue. Let customers know that by doing business with you, they are indirectly helping an important cause.
  • Express gratitude to build lasting relationships. A Thank You note in your handwriting could come in handy and win you customer loyalty.
  • Bring in friendly, qualified customer representatives, who can alleviate customer concerns, listen to customers patiently, and politely convey that the team is working on resolving any and all issues.
  • Make it hassle-free for customers to contact you in order to impress them and boost sales. Respond promptly to emails and social media comments about your products or business.

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