Convert New Buyers into Lifetime Buyers.

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Expanding your marketing and getting more customers will work for the short run for your new eCommerce business. But to stay in the game for the long run and really grow an online business, it is critical to convert new buyers into lifetime buyers. You need to apply the right strategy in order to  excel in eCommerce.


Here are 3 tips to successfully convert a new buyer into a lifetime buyer.


1. Improve Customer Interactions

Whether you are dealing with a happy, satisfied customer or an unhappy customer, always give your best. If there is a problem, own up to it and let your customer know that you are doing everything to fix the problem. If returns and exchanges are causing problems get them resolved as fast as possible so that you retain the unhappy customer. You need to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Offer a discount on your unhappy customer’s next purchase. Discounts are very effective and difficult for customers to resist! They are a great way to convert new buyers into lifetime buyers and to appease unhappy customers. But don’t take it for granted that a free gift is going to solve a problem. Fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. You get to please your customer as well as get a chance to show them that you can do better with their next interaction.

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2. Make Customer Interactions More Human

As a result of the successful growth of online stores and the ease with which they allow consumers to find and shop for products, more and more consumers are shopping online. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many retailers have been forced into new territory with online retail and delivery. With the increased sales come increased customer interactions. Your main goal should be to make customer interactions as pleasant as possible.

When trying to handle increasing customer calls (or emails or live chat), make sure that your customer service staff is well trained in your policies and can keep their cool with the most irate of customers. Your customer service team should be understanding and be able to listen to your customer and present effective solutions to fix problems. Humanizing customer interaction is very effective in eliminating the irritation a repeat customer may experience when contacting your customer service team about a problem. Provide excellent customer service and your customers will keep coming back.

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3. Be Proud of Your Brand and Network Locally

Your brand represents your product and your company. It also tells consumers what you stand for and what your corporate culture is. Customer satisfaction and quality products should be your top priorities. Show your customers that you are proud of your brand and you stand behind it 100%. With unfailing commitment to customer satisfaction and in delivering a quality product, you can create customer loyalty and can easily convert new buyers into lifetime buyers. With good brand reputation, your company is more inviting for customers to do business with it.

To increase brand awareness, network locally and create buzz around your brand and products. In times like the current Covid-19 pandemic, get involved in community outreach and help your local audience. You will be helping others and also yourself. There are many non-profits and charitable organizations that have already started programs to help those affected by the lockdown and slowdown in the economy. Align yourself with them and start helping.

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Bottom Line

It’s great that you have loyal customers and you nurture them to stick with you through good times and bad, but you always need new customers. Get new buyers and convert them into lifetime buyers so that your business will grow and weather the storm.


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