4 Easy Ways To Ready Your Business For Success After COVID-19.

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For most businesses across the board, it has been a very challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that saw a decrease in sales activity had to lay off employees and liquidate their inventory just to stay alive. On the other hand, businesses that saw an increase in activity had to scramble to hire new employees. Some had so much new business, they had to get more office or storage space to ensure their customers were taken care of and not delayed or ignored. Elite OPS has seen an upsurge in online retail and eCommerce order fulfillment.

The outlook for after COVID-19 remains unclear and nobody knows exactly how long the pandemic will last. Fortunately there are some ways for you to ready your business for the future after the pandemic.

Here are 4 easy ways to ready your business for success after COVID-19.


Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

Keep your clients and future customers apprised of your COVID-19 awareness and preparedness. Let them know how you are dealing with it and how you will protect your customers interests.

Avoid marketing and email content that may seem insensitive. Work with a local cause that helps those affected by COVID-19 adversely. That will bring more exposure to your business as well as allow you to give back to your community.

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Promote Online Experiences and Live Events on Social Media

The pandemic has taught everyone the great lesson of working from home and working online. Remote work meetings, remote book clubs, yoga lessons, and remote birthday parties via Zoom have all been done, and very successfully I might add.

Customers have been forced to move to online activities. Online shopping and delivery is the new norm during the pandemic. Online and in social media networks is where you will find the most exposure currently. So, move as much of your marketing to social media as you can.

Facebook Live and Instagram stories are a godsend at this time and they allow you to interact live with your customers and advertise in realtime to your prospective customers as well.

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Stay In Touch With Your Customers and Network Online

Host webinars online if you sell a service and not a tangible product. Teach something for free to get new leads. There are so many chances now to get creative and succeed at getting new customers. Even if some customers do not buy at the moment because of the economic downturn, staying in touch with them will mean you are still in their minds. When we get out of this pandemic, they will remember you and will be ready to make their purchases.

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Don’t Forget Employee Wellness During the Pandemic

Do not forget that your employees may need your support at this time. Keep them apprised of what you are doing to get theory the pandemic and what plans you have for the future. When they see your effort in “stayin’ alive” despite COVID-19, they will be reassured and will have your back when we are all in full swing..

If you have had to layoff some employees, do stay in touch with them. Offer them some form of online training that will help them grow their skill set. Maybe have them work on marketing and customer outreach now as you will need more help with that. Everyone is willing to learn something new and work towards upgrading themselves at this time.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is to stay connected, not to lose faith and invest in your employees, customers and community. Work with everyone hand-in-hand, (but no contact and online) to get through this. We will come out stronger and wiser.


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