5 Key Points to Learn From eCommerce Product Returns.

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Product Returns are a big part of the eCommerce business. All eCommerce businesses try to handle it as best as they can, but many handle it incorrectly. A bad returns experience upsets customers and they eventually end up with your competitors. Handle product returns well, and your customers will turn into your permanent, most loyal customers.

Adobe Digital Index’s report on the ROI from marketing to existing online customers states that repeat customers bring in about 40% of the total revenue of a business. The report further adds that there is an increase in the overall revenue by 10% with the return of each 1% of return shoppers. The report is a few years old, but the data and trends are still good today.

So how do you win return shoppers? Here are a few tips to make product returns easy and learn from them as well.


Make the returns process EASY for your customers.

Ask for feedback every time a shopper makes a purchase. Additionally, follow up with them by providing them with an easy link to facilitate product returns. If they can easily return(or exchange) a product, they will be more likely to come back as a return customer. Also, they will NOT give you a negative review, instead they may say that your returns process was a breeze and your customer service staff were very pleasant. Such reviews will definitely keep current customers and get you new ones.

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Speed up the Returns Process to have a Quick Turnaround.

Receive the returned product and set up a simple process to inspect the incoming products and record key data, which may include reasons for return or any type of defect. Get your IT staff involved in the inspection process, so they can add more insight into it. This will make the data even more useful. If items keep getting returned or exchanged as defective, find out if your packaging has any role in it. That can be easily rectified. If it’s a manufacturing problem, it will have to be addressed immediately with your supplier.

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Use Current Data and Apply Advanced Returns Analytics.

The data collection and analytics process can help you easily detect patterns in your data. This means as an online retailer, you will know beforehand that a specific product size is inconsistent with the given specifications. So you can use the data and analytics to remedy the situation and avoid any further product returns for sizing issues with this brand. Happy customers are more likely to return.

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Keep Making Continuous Improvements.

When you have taken the aforementioned steps, you can rest assured that the future orders will be better merchandised. It would help you modify specifications, product descriptions regarding sizing to prevent future product returns. In doing so, you can also focus on any other issue that may surface in the future, resulting in returns and unhappy customers.

When you do things correctly the first time, you can be better prepared for any returns and keep making customers happy.

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Use a Reverse Logistics (Returns) Partner

At Elite OPS, we have an entire department dedicated to reverse logistics to process returns efficiently for our clients. To facilitate accurate returns processing we generate a return merchant authorization number (RMA) through our web portal. This ensures we correctly identify to whom the return belongs, and accurately process the return.

As soon as we receive a return, our clients receive an email notifying them that the item was received in our warehouse. The returned products are then inspected for signs of usage and its condition is evaluated. Based on your direction we can qualify the condition of the product and restock it back into your current inventory, set it aside and ship it back to you, or, discard it. You tell us what and we get it done.

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Bottom Line

See product returns as an opportunity to improve your products and as a tool for understanding customer expectations for effective retailing. Returns is an integral part of retailing and directly affects the bottom line.


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