Boost eCommerce Sales by Ramping Up Advertising for the Holidays.

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, the next step for merchants is to start running holiday ads to target all types of holiday shoppers to boost eCommerce sales. If you are still planning how to improve holiday sales, then it is in your best interest to leverage holiday fever and maximize your campaign potential. There is literally no place for complacency in your advertising efforts. Imagine being the first brand that a potential consumer can think of for Christmas shopping. Sounds like a dream, right? Yes, but it’s possible with the right advertising strategy for the coming holidays. Statistics are in the favor of online shopping, as an average shopper spends $935 online during the holiday season.

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Advertising for the Holidays

There is always a sense of urgency when it comes to holiday advertising and shopping. All businesses focus on ramping up their marketing efforts to prepare for higher demand. As consumers are more willing to buy for the holidays, there is a sense of urgency in their buying behavior as well. So it’s an opportunity for brands to focus even on those sections of consumers that haven’t heard of your products. Then there are those that do not make up their mind until the last minute. Now you want to target this section of last-minute shoppers as well that makes up 30% of online holiday sales.

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Holiday Statistics To Inspire You

8 in 10 holiday shoppers make their shopping decisions after Online Research

Online shopping is the big thing today as more and more consumers prefer to shop online. During the holiday season, statistics reveal that 8 out of 10 shoppers prefer to do their research online before making a purchase decision. That’s a huge reason to harness the power of digital technology to boost eCommerce sales.

A McKinsey & Company report finds that 37% of respondents intend to spend more money and time online for holiday shopping. Even traditional retailers are jumping onto the Internet bandwagon to increase engagement online. The report further predicts the return of online holiday shoppers in record numbers to take advantage of click-and-collect. Today, shoppers prefer to start early on their holiday purchases to avoid potential delays in their order fulfillment due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Online promotions drove a third of shoppers to holiday weekend purchases

National Retail Foundation statistics reveal that online promotions drive shoppers to weekend shopping. In fact, online shoppers are more attracted to eCommerce discounts, coupons, and promotions as 76% of mobile shoppers are reported to change their mind about buying from a specific retailer or brand after doing a Google search. Remember, shoppers are browsing Google before making a purchase decision, so keep your brand and products on top of their mind with online advertising.

But remember, competition will be much fiercer as there is limited ad space available and thousands of companies are vying for the same spot. When you are focusing on exploiting all tactics to boost eCommerce sales, the race for garnering online space will get intense and advertising cost will increase.

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Bottom Line

Come holiday season and consumers are in a full shopping mood. Focusing on online advertising will get you through the competitive race so your ads get more exposure.

During the holiday season, ad impressions increase by almost 50%, with a surge in click-through rates surge. Statistics also reveal that average order value increases by 30%.

Now the ball is in your court. It’s time to start planning your holiday ads to generate more leads and boost eCommerce sales before December!


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