Consumer Psychology Can Help Increase eCommerce Sales.

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Consumer psychology is a key influencer in marketing and can be a vital path to increase eCommerce sales. Let’s see how consumer psychology plays a part in driving sales.


Novelty Aspect

Novelty attracts attention. If you have a unique product, it’s time to grab eyeballs. Work on giving consumers a reason to invest in your product. One way to do so is to market a limited edition product and add the exclusivity factor that draws in customers. Remember, when you make something look limited and unique, customers are more likely to see it as special. When that consumer psychology kicks in and makes them think they are part of the chosen with limited quantities of a product, they will bite. So that’s one way to use consumer psychology to increase eCommerce sales.

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Build Anticipation

One way to use consumer psychology to increase eCommerce sales is to build anticipation around your products or services. Give consumers solid reasons as to how your product or service can and will change their lives for the better. Keep the anticipation game on and whip up a frenzy. Focus on this marketing tactic and see how word of mouth helps convert to higher sales.

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Enhance their pleasure

When your goal is to increase sales, can you ignore the pleasure principle? Definitely not! Consumers want to feel happy about their new purchase. The onus is on you to enhance their buying experience to give them a high sense of pleasure in closing the deal with you.



Add a human touch to your products. Tell consumers a relevant story that kindles interest. Consumers are likely to feel interested in your human touch. Let them visualize how your product can enhance their life too as it did to the subject of your story. It is human tendency to relate to others personal experiences and aspire for the same. So use this opportunity to push the positives forward and make the narrative feel real.

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Kindle curiosity

Make them curious for better engagement. It helps to kindle their interest and curiosity by holding something back. Keep some secrets for later and narrate a tale that keeps them hooked.

Remember, consumer psychology is all about playing with their subconscious mind. What are their dire needs? Identify and work toward inspiring curiosity to influence purchase decisions. Keep them hooked and wanting for more. Do not hesitate to give them extra information to kindle interest and clinch the deal.

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Social proof

You can build momentum around your product by giving consumers social proof as to how the newfound wonder (your product) has enhanced other buyers’ lives. Highlight customer testimonials and reviews to give potential buyers some kind of social proof that the product is a game changer. This is where influencer marketing comes into play. Instead of roping in celebrities to endorse your brand, look for social media influencers that have a standing in social media networks.

Let them promote your brand by giving social proof of their awesome experience with your products. This type of a marketing tactic can quickly  influence consumer psychology to increase eCommerce sales.

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Bottom Line

Give consumers a valid reason to go gaga about your products, and you can do it big in the eCommerce world.


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