3 Ways Online Brands Win Customers Over Brick and Mortar Stores.

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There is a fine line dividing online businesses from traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Low overhead cost, competitive pricing, and instant global presence are some of the advantages of having an online business. Essentially, the brick and mortar are done away with.

The pandemic has only reinforced the need for transitioning to an eCommerce business to build better customer relationships. Traditional retailers still undervalue the need for fostering one-to-one relationships. It is here that eCommerce businesses can get an edge in building stronger loyalty for their brand as they excel in one-to-one communication and relationships.


3 Ways To Build Better Customer Relationships

1. Greeting

Taking your business online gives you the advantage of data collection. In fact, greeting a repeat customer visiting your online store with the latest offers that are tailored to complement their purchase history is an opportunity to build relationships. Online retailers can collect customer data and leverage it to their advantage. Showing recommended products to repeat customers is one way to make them feel welcome and valued. It also saves consumers time as they are shown products that would more likely interest them right away, instead of some random products that they have to browse through to get what they really want.

Brick-and-mortar stores can easily have an additional advantage of building personal connection through one-on-one communication. Unfortunately, not all traditional stores take advantage of it.

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2. Follow-Ups

One interesting way to build better customer relationships is to follow-up through different communication channels. Text messaging is an amazing way to communicate with your customers.
Additionally, handwritten notes can leave a lasting impression. Online brands are starting to focus more on strengthening relationships with customers through the power of handwritten text to make customers feel more valued.

There are several professional services to automate the process of sending handwritten notes to clients. It builds value in the relationship and works as an impactful way to follow up.

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3. Exclusive offers

What better way to build a better relationship with customers than making them feel special? So how do online brands add that touch of exclusivity to make their customers feel special? One way to do so is to come up with exclusive access to early offers. Loyalty programs are an example where a brand makes special offers for a selected group of their customers. When others feel left out, it can drive more enrollment to your loyalty program or membership program. Alternatively, the selected few begin to feel special. This can help build true loyalty to the brand and in turn increase eCommerce sales.

Brick-and-mortar stores can also take advantage of such loyalty programs to build better ties with their customers. Sadly, only a few offline stores focus on this aspect of relationship building through personal follow-up and friendly faces. On the other hand, online brands have realized the importance to build better customer relationships through loyalty programs and exclusive offers.


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