Get Your Website Ready for Holidays 2021.

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Online holiday sales are expected to hit $200 billion for Holidays 2021. This time of the year is the best chance for online retailers to boost revenue. The holidays are also an opportunity to end the year strong and then enter the New Year on a positive note. Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, you might be interested to learn how to capitalize on this time to get an edge and be noticed.

Here are a few tips to get your website ready for holidays 2021.


1. Make Your Website Design Interesting

Don’t keep the homepage looking boring and usual. Make it interesting and visually appealing by sprucing up the page with holiday décor for shoppers looking for great ideas and deals. When the idea is to encourage shoppers to buy, you may use a mix of festive colors and font styles and holiday themed imagery. It’s a good idea to use banners with popular holiday cheers or add some video promotions to welcome website visitors, encouraging them to spend more. With that said, don’t forget to highlight your exclusive deals with a compelling copy, interesting deals, and call to action, among others.

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2. Publish Relevant Content

Add some interesting content to your online store’s blog for your loyal audience. Relevant content will not only rank well in search engines but also attract holiday shoppers who are searching for such deals online. It is a good idea to address their pain points in your blog posts and establish yourself as a trusted source to attract them to your shopping site.

High-quality, relevant content always sparks interest. So, it is high time you started harnessing the power of word to boost website visibility. Add an online holiday shopping guide customized to different personas, making it easier for shoppers to make purchase decisions.


3. Focus on Relevant SEO for Holidays

It’s absolutely essential to focus on relevant keywords to draw holiday traffic to your website. You may also want to include modifiers in your keywords to bring your online store in holiday shopping search results, including holiday 2021, holiday shopping, 2021, cyber Monday sales, black Friday sales, shop gift cards, and Christmas 2021, among others.

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4. Be Prepared for a Rush of Traffic

Keep your website up and running, with a focus on speed and performance in order to be prepared for the eCommerce holiday rush. You don’t want your traffic to abandon your website for being slow and go over to your competitors’ website.

Test your website speed and optimize it before launching your eCommerce holiday sales. Besides, you want to ensure that your payment processor is set up perfectly to receive increased traffic. Optimize your images so heavy images don’t cause loading issues.


5. Update the Cart Widget

Ignoring the checkout process when preparing your site for holiday shopping is a cardinal sin. Unless the checkout is hassle-free, shoppers are likely to abandon the cart. It’s a good idea to change the cart’s color, font, and icons and add elements to make it look interesting and add to the user experience. This will help improve conversion rates.

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6. Ensure That Your Website is Responsive

Unless your website is responsive, you are far away from the reach of a majority of consumers that use mobile phones and tablets for shopping. It is in your best interest to make your website mobile friendly to grab your share of the audience for shopping during holidays 2021.


7. Run Online Promotions and Special Deals

Shoppers are on the lookout for the best deal online. Make it easier for them to explore your website and be tempted to grab a deal. Start with a solid plan for holiday promotions right away. Don’t delay in advertising your sales to attract the right audience. A flash sale with a limited period offer is always attractive. Reward points are a great way to engage existing customers. It is a great marketing idea to include a sample or freebies with each order.

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8. Add a Retargeting Pixel

When you want to make sure they come back again and again, adding a retargeting pixel for your paid ads is a step in the right direction. Follow website visitors and display attractive targeted holiday ads to pull them to your online store.


9. Set up a Dedicated Landing Page for the Holidays

With an online store, you can boost conversions by designing a dedicated landing page to convince people to buy. Make it easier for potential buyers to convert by designing a purpose built landing page that tells them what to do and what deals are ongoing. Focus on including a strong value proposition, emphasizing on the pain point you want to solve. Show them what value-addition they can expect by doing business with you.

Since you are targeting holidays 2021, customize your landing pages with a holiday theme for the season and guide them down the sales funnel to influence them to convert.

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Bottom Line

There is tough competition in the online world. It gets even tougher during the holiday season. The aforementioned tips should come in handy to convert holiday shoppers at the right time. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your eCommerce holidays 2021 preparation right away to grab your share of the pie.



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