Provide Better Shipping Options at Checkout To Increase eCommerce Conversions.

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Shoppers are mostly unwilling to pay extra for shipping. That means there are more chances of cart abandonment if shipping costs are factored in at the time of checkout. When the customer sees their cart total suddenly increase with the cost of shipping added in, they may just abandon their cart. Online retailers need to make shopping easier and eliminate shipping cost barriers so that online shoppers are less likely to abandon their carts. When that happens, there are higher chances to increase eCommerce conversions.


Offer Appealing Options at Checkout

When you want shoppers to complete a purchase, the sight of cart abandonment is disheartening. The prime culprit here is the shipping cost. In order to convince shoppers to hit the buy button, it might help to give more control to shoppers over how they receive the shipment. This will further help them understand the cost associated with shipping better.

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The Cost Conundrum

There is no denying the fact that there is a direct link between shipping cost and conversions or shopping cart abandonment. Sales conversions are likely to drop with an increase in shipping cost. It might be a good idea to understand the comfort level of consumers by running A/B tests that offer greater insight into the purchase behavior and the role of shipping cost in cart abandonment and conversions. Since each shopper is different, they have different tolerance to shipping costs.

When the focus is to increase eCommerce sales, brands should come up with a range of shipping options for different price levels.

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Provide Better Shipping Options at Checkout To Increase eCommerce Conversions.

Different Shoppers, Different Shipping Preferences

Shipping preferences are not the same for every shopper. In fact, one shopper’s priorities are different from another. They might change with each purchase too. To capture the attention of shoppers and keep them coming for more, retailers should determine the best way to offer each customer their preferred shipping option per transaction.

Of course, this is no less challenging either to know what is driving the behavior of each of their shoppers. With a goal to increase eCommerce conversions, it might be a good idea to offer a range of shipping options to cater to different shoppers.

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Plenty of Delivery Options

Now is the time to pamper your customers with a range of delivery options. Not all consumers are interested in home delivery. Some might prefer in-store pickup more. So it might help to provide hybrid shipping and pickup options so customers can buy online and pickup anywhere. The whole idea is to make the process of order fulfillment easier while giving shoppers the choice to decide a pickup location. With a number of delivery options to choose from, shoppers will feel pampered. It might be the trigger needed to convert a lead into a sale. So when you are keen to increase eCommerce sales, do not ignore the shipping cost, which is a pain point for many shoppers and the leading cause of cart abandonment.
When you offer multiple shipping options, you can minimize the cost barrier and have a better chance at conversions.

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The Elite OPS Shipping Advantage

With the present eCommerce shopping landscape presenting a range of challenges for retailers, they cannot ignore the need for right product delivery at the right time to increase conversions. Retailers must work on keeping customers happy with timely order fulfillment. By partnering with a professional order fulfillment provider, eCommerce retailers get the advantage of unmatched shipping services.

Elite OPS prides itself on being the shipping partner of choice for its industry-leading 99.9% accuracy rate and same-day shipping on orders placed before the cutoff time. When customers are more likely to abandon their cart over shipping charges, an affordable freight shipping services provider can work to attract clients with its range of domestic and international shipping options.



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