Here are 3 Ways to Get More eCommerce Customers & Retain Them.

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What does it take for brands to get more eCommerce customers and keep them coming back for more? In this regard, it is crucial for brands to explore what’s driving customer expectations. There are three critical elements that drive customer loyalty. This includes transparency, authenticity, and consistency.


1. Transparency

Timely and clear communication is the cornerstone of loyalty. Open communication about company values or price-related details is crucial to build customer trust. Consumers pay attention to corporate messaging, and are more interested in brands whose values align with their own.
Customers expect businesses to be transparent about their pricing decisions. In fact, many customers are happy to pay more if that means the business staff is happy with its salary and perks.

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2. Authenticity

For a majority of consumers, authenticity is a term that connotes sincerity and understanding. Brands that exemplify authenticity, empathy, and understanding are more likely to get more eCommerce customers that are loyal and willing to return for more. Besides, consumers want to associate with brands that reflect their aspirations in brand messaging. In fact, brands should make every effort to represent customers in their marketing and communications. Today, consumers expect brands to reflect “real life” experiences, which represent authenticity, as opposed to “perfect life” experiences.

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3. Consistency

Consumers expect brands to be consistently good. There is no tolerance for missteps, and consumers are unwilling to purchase from a brand after a poor shopping experience. They expect a consistent immersed physical and digital experience. It might be a great idea to combine physical and digital interactions so consumers get an engaging and streamlined experience across multiple channels.

A consumer expects brands to stand by their products even after sale and not hesitate to provide an excellent post-sale experience. This includes email follow-up after an in-store purchase. Asking customers for feedback is another example of such interactions. Retailers must try to meet consumer expectations anywhere and everywhere, online or in-store.

Brands can leverage smart data analytics to rebuild brand loyalty. Collect, unify, and analyze customer data to fulfill customer expectations in the complex omnichannel environment. Technology can guide brands to effectively tell their story, build positive interactions by personalizing customer experiences, and drive customers to take action. This can ultimately help revive customer relationships, get more eCommerce customers, and restore brand loyalty.

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Here are 3 Ways to Get More eCommerce Customers & Retain Them.

Partner with a 3PL

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