5 Ways to Find the Right Supply Chain Facility for Your Needs.

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No eCommerce business can reject the role of warehousing these days. It ensures a time-efficient and seamless supply chain. With the rising demand for same-day shipping, there is immense pressure on businesses to overcome the obstacles. Selecting the right warehouse to house supply chain operations is challenging but critical. Here are a few ways to find a good warehousing facility that caters to your business needs.


How to Find the Right Supply Chain Facility.

1. Size is Important

When it comes to selecting a warehousing facility, the size and scalability are the most crucial factors. There are a few questions that you should try to find answers to during your search for the right facility. Does it have adequate amount of space to upscale or downscale inventory? You want to the right fit for your stock. A too large facility is a drain on your money. Why invest in that?

Try to find if the large size will impede the efficiency of your supply chain? While you may be a small business but it is highly likely that you will grow. In that case, you may opt for a large warehouse that caters to your growing business needs.

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2. Layout is Crucial

You want to choose a facility with an ideal layout to streamline hassle-free movement, ensure easy navigation, and boost efficiency. A crowded facility might affect productivity and consume a lot of time. You don’t want to select a warehouse design that is not the right fit for storing your products.

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3. Location Decides Efficiency

The location of your industrial space can impact your business efficiency. How far is the warehouse from distribution centers as well as highways, ports, and railways? This may affect the cost of transportation and frequency at which stock is received and shipped to destinations.

You want to make sure that rental logistics and transportation centers are easy to access. The location should be easily accessible to your skilled workforce to ensure that the supply chain operations continue unhindered.

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4. Don’t Ignore Safety and Security

A warehouse stores expensive equipment and products. You don’t want to become a victim of theft. Ensuring stringent safety measures holds the key to security. It is in your best interest to invest in alarm systems, CCTV, door monitoring, and window security.

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5. Identify All Costs and Risks

Since shoppers expect same-day or next-day delivery and free shipping, it might not be a profitable proposition unless your warehousing expenses are low. There are numerous factors that affect the overall cost of a warehousing facility, including the cost of managing everything, property rent, and the cost of shipping and distribution. In addition to this, you ought to invest in new technology, including automation, inventory management, and robotics.

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Bottom Line

Choose the right supply chain facility that can cater to your existing and future business needs. A reliable warehouse provider is an invaluable partner that you can rely on and trust.


Partner with a 3PL

It can be overwhelming to manage an eCommerce supply chain. Thus partnering with a third party logistics company is a step in the right direction. Look for a 3PL that has supply chain expertise.

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