Retailers Are Expanding eCommerce Fulfillment Options to Meet Customers’ Expectations.

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With the shopping season around the corner, retailers are preparing to meet expectations for order fulfillment and omnichannel shopping experiences. In a recent survey, a majority of retailers showed interest in investing in expanding eCommerce fulfillment options while others choose to invest in an order management system. There are a few retailers that consider faster delivery options as one way to meet expectations.

Upstream retailers continue to be overwhelmed with supply chain challenges. Higher cost of transportation and rising inflation are other factors that seem to be creating challenges for retailers. While consumers seek convenience, a majority seems to have returned to pre-pandemic expectations. They expect their order delivery within a two-to-three-day time period. Many are exploring several fulfillment options. Buying online and picking up their orders in store is one such option. There are a few others who prefer to buy online and pickup curbside.

Retailers must focus on eCommerce fulfillment processes to fulfill customer expectations. In order to make for meaningful customer experience, retailers cannot ignore omnichannel shopping experiences and last-mile logistics. The goal should be to streamline customer journey and implement ways to delight customers so they return. The key lies in improving core processes.


Expanding eCommerce Fulfillment Options

True, customer expectations in terms of fulfillment options are high. But in trying to expand their fulfillment options, retailers end up burdening an overburdened system. In order to fulfill customer expectations, order orchestration becomes paramount.

Expansion of fulfillment options gives customers more choices, but a retailer cannot handle this on their own. It is where they can trust a third-party eCommerce fulfillment partner to improve customer satisfaction. A logistics provider has the resources to alleviate burden on retailers and meet their rising customer expectations with regard to order fulfillment. They have widespread global distribution centers and harness the power of cloud-based technology to make fast and convenient fulfillment a reality. Besides, they have warehouses in a large number of locations and can reduce fulfillment complexity by keeping the product closer to the customer, thus improving shipping times and reducing delivering charges.

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Faster Delivery Options

Inefficiency in fulfillment processes plagues eCommerce businesses. The solution lies with fulfillment providers that efficiently manage carriers. Having a reliable order fulfillment partner can be a cost-effective strategy for retailers to scale operations and deal with spikes in demand and parcel volumes. eCommerce fulfillment service providers have access to the best technology ad resources to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Order Management System

Retailers must harness the power of technology to manage inventory and stay competitive. With a cloud-based order management system, they can make improve the visibility of real-time inventory, Besides, there is better coordination with carriers. With an omnichannel OMS, a retailer has the advantage of a single integrated view across channels. This ensures transparency in the real-time status of inventory and eCommerce fulfillment.

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Retailers Are Expanding eCommerce Fulfillment Options to Meet Customers’ Expectations.

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Online fraud continues to plague online sales operations. By taking steps to prevent fraud before peak season, retailers can improve their customer experience. In doing so, they can channelize their trusted customers better while blocking the bad actors. When customers trust a retailer to protect their data, satisfaction improves, which translates to better business and higher revenue.

With better eCommerce fraud detection and prevention, retailers can reduce the risk and approve only trusted transactions. No, a retailer need not invest in multiple fraud prevention technology solutions. Instead, an all-in-one solution customized for eCommerce retailers can simplify the processes, reducing the risk of fraud.

Investing in core business functions is the right way forward for an eCommerce business. The goal is to improve customer experience throughout the year and not just the peak season. This will help improve customer loyalty and longevity and maximize revenue.

By partnering with a third-party fulfillment provider that provides an end-to-end solution for omnichannel order management, transportation management, eCommerce fulfillment, fraud prevention, and customer service, a retail business can stay competitive and meet customer expectations.

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